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Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush - Live (1978) - Lp

Mahogany Rush is a Canadian rock band led by guitarist Frank Marino.
The band had its peak of popularity in the 1970s, playing such venues as California Jam II together with bands such as Aerosmith, Ted Nugent and Heart.
Mahogany Rush formed in Montreal during 1970.
The band is perhaps best known for Marino's soaring lead guitar which bears a strong resemblance to the playing of Jimi Hendrix. Long term members of the band have included bassist Paul Harwood and drummer Jimmy Ayoub, and Frank's brother Vince on guitar; Frank Marino is the sole continuous member of the band. Starting in the late 1970s, the group recorded and toured as Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush.

The music of Mahogany Rush is diverse, ranging from genres such as blues rock, psychedelic rock, and funk rock (styles which are most prevalent on the group's early releases), to a more standard hard rock/heavy metal style in their later career. Marino himself has described the band's sound as "The Grateful Dead meets jazz".

Mahogany Rush wasn't as huge a name in 1970s hard rock/heavy metal as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, or Deep Purple, but the power trio commanded a loyal, good-sized following and provided its share of five-star albums. One of them is this live album, which was recorded during a U.S. tour in late 1977 and came out on vinyl the following year. Mahogany knew how to burn on stage, and this excellent LP really captures the vitality of its 1970s concerts.

No one who is seriously into hard rock and metal should be deprived of hearing singer/guitarist Frank Marino let loose on live versions of "Dragonfly," "Electric Reflections of War," and "The Answer." The band is equally captivating on sweaty performances of Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze," Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode," and Muddy Waters' "I'm a King Bee." Some fans were disappointed because Live is a single LP instead of a two-LP set -- many of the gems that Mahogany performed on-stage in 1977 were omitted.
The band cites space limitations as the reason, although one suspects that licensing restrictions had something to do with what was and wasn't included. But while Live may not be the perfect document of Mahogany Rush on-stage in the '70s, it is consistently rewarding and is enthusiastically recommended to hard rockers and metalheads.

Side A
A1. Introduction (1:22)
A2. The Answer (4:53)
A3. Dragonfly (5:11)
A4. I'm A King Bee (8:44)
A5. (Excerpt From "Back Door Man")
A6. A New Rock & Roll (4:11)

Side B
B1. Johnny B. Goode (5:05)
B2. Talkin' 'Bout A Feelin' (11:23)
B3. (Excerpt From "Who Do Ya Love")
B4. Electric Reflections Of War
B5. The World Anthem
B6. Purple Haze (3:23)

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Recorded live in the Southern United States; late 1977 
Release: 1978
Genre: Blues Rock
Format: LP
Label: CBS Records
Catalog# 82621
Prijs: € 8,95

Vinyl: Goed
Cover: Goed

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