juni 13, 2015

Gary Numan - Telekon (1980)

Telekon” is the fourth studio album, and second album under his own name, by the British musician Gary Numan. “Telekon is also the third and final studio release of what Numan retrospectively termed the “Machine” section of his career, following “Replicas” and “The Pleasure Principle”.

“Telekon” would also turn out to be the last true classic Numan album, as monetary problems and an unfocused attempt to try different musical forms (as well as a short-lived retirement) would steer him away from his original vision.

Although “Telekon” was indeed a strong album, it could have been even stronger if it included the U.K. Top Ten singles “I Die: You Die” and “We Are Glass” (both were recorded during the Telekon sessions).

Numan experimented with funk for the first time in his career (“Remind Me to Smile”), but there were still plenty of chilling synth excursions to keep the Numan faithful satisfied “This Wreckage,” “The Aircrash Bureau,” “I’m an Agent,” and “I Dream of Wires” are all choice cuts.

Side A
A1.  This Wreckage  (5:26)
A2.  The Aircrash Bureau  (5:41)
A3.  Telekon  (4:29)
A4.  Remind Me to Smile  (4:03)
A5.  Sleep by Windows  (4:58)

Side B
B1.  I’m an Agen  (4:19)
B2.  I Dream of Wires  (5:10)
B3.  Remember I Was Vapour  (5:11)
B4.  Please Push No More  (5:39)
B5.  The Joy Circuit  (5:12)

Artist:  Gary Numan
Title:  Telekon
Release:  1980
Format:  LP
Label:  Beggars Banquet Records
Catalog#  660078

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