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Johnny Hates Jazz – Turn Back The Clock (1988)

“Turn Back the Clock” is the debut album by Johnny Hates Jazz released in the beginning of 1988.

The band consists of Clark Datchler, Mike Nocito and Calvin Hayes.

The album, whose most famous single was "Shattered Dreams," peaked at #1 on the UK charts. Kim Wilde sung backing vocals on the song "Turn Back the Clock." The track "Foolish Heart" was originally released as a single in 1986 as "Me and My Foolish Heart."

The song "Listen", written and co-produced by Phil Thornalley was later re-recorded for his only solo album Swamp, also released in 1988.

With their dapper attire, clean-cut image, and glossy production, Johnny Hates Jazz were too slick to receive any respect. Consequently, the group's debut album “Turn Back the Clock” was unjustly thrashed in the press.

Best known for its bittersweet hit single "Shattered Dreams," Turn Back the Clock is actually a well-crafted LP. On "Shattered Dreams," vocalist Clark Datchler sings of a breakup over a finger-snapping, synthesized groove. The success of the song is no mystery; it is unbelievably catchy. However, there are actually better ones on the album. The sentimental lyrics and shimmering keyboards of the title track express heartfelt feelings of nostalgia.

The music on “Turn Back the Clock” is generally upbeat synth pop, but the words are often sad. Although Johnny Hates Jazz offer no profound revelations about failed relationships or lost love, there is genuine emotion beneath the studio luster of "What Other Reason," "Different Seasons," "Don't Let It End This Way," and "Foolish Heart." On "Heart of Gold," Datchler illustrates the plight of a prostitute without sounding preachy, and the funky "I Don't Want to Be a Hero" is a surprisingly effective anti-war song. "Turn Back the Clock" is a true guilty pleasure; an LP that takes absolutely no artistic risks yet it's too hummable to ignore.

Side A
A1. Shattered Dreams  (3:26)  
A2. Heart Of Gold  (3:20)  
A3. Turn Back The Clock  (4:30)  
A4. Don't Say It's Love  (3:43)  
A5. What Other Reason  (3:20) 

Side B
B1. I Don't Want To Be A Hero  (3:37)  
B2. Listen  (3:44)  
B3. Different Seasons  (3:31)  
B4. Don't Let It End This Way  (3:40)  
B5. Foolish Heart  (3:33)  

Johnny Hates Jazz
Clark Datchler - Vocals, piano, keyboards, guitar
Calvin Hayes - Keyboards, drums
Mike Nocito - Guitar, bass

Additional musicians
J.J. Belle, Neil Hubbard - Guitars
Chris Newman - Synthesizers, Keyboards, Fairlight CMI
Peter-John Vitesse [sic] - Keyboards
Frank Ricotti - Percussion
Martin Drover, Malcolm Duncan, Molly Duncan, Neil Sidewell - Horns
Stevie Lange, Miriam Stockley, Kim Wilde - Additional vocals
Anne Dudley - Arrangements

Producers - Mike Nocito, Calvin Hayes, Phil Thornalley
Engineers - Mike Nocito, Greg Jackman, Bob Kraushaar, Julian Mendelsohn, Phil Thornalley
Assistant Engineers - Matt Berry, Richard Edwards, Terry Irwin, Roy Spong, Tim Weider
Mastering - Kevin Metcalfe

Recorded At: RAK Studios
Mixed At: SARM Studios
Mastered At: The Town House
Release: 1988
Genre:  Sophisti-pop
Length: 36:24
Format:  LP
Label: Virgin Records
Catalog# VG 50336

more info: ad-vinylrecords.com

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