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Cliff Richard - Live! (1972)

Recorded in Tokyo in September 1972, was largely overlooked in the U.K. and Europe.

1972 was not, after all, a vintage year for Cliff Richard in fact, the 1970s as a whole had been less than kind to the lad, as he continued to wallow in a lightweight pop vein that was ultimately as worthless as it was directionless.

The handful of newer songs that make it into the set "Sunny Honey Girl," "Silvery Rain" and "Flying Machine" are so unexceptional that even Richard sounds dispirited singing them, and it's not until the late-set eruption through a host of golden oldies that this album picks up speed.

Not that we really need more live versions of "Living Doll," "Bachelor Boy," and "The Young Ones," but they're here if anyone does. Sadly, the show quickly returns to the middle of the road, which is why EMI's decision to include it among the souvenirs of Cliff's 50th anniversary celebrations was marked by the original package being somewhat sliced up. So we lose the contributions of Olivia Newton-John that rounded out the original Japanese vinyl, and end instead with Cliff's own finale, a rock & roll medley and a punchy "Sing a Song of Freedom." Again, not one of his better songs, but at least it rocks a little.

Side A
A1.  The Minute You're Gone   (2:34)
A2.  The Day I Met Marie   (2:12)
A3.  Move It   (2:47)
A4.  Living In Harmony   (3:16)
A5.  Walk On By / The Look Of Love   (2:53)
A6.  Early In The Morning   (1:54)
A7.  Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha   (2:26)

Side B
B1.  Living Doll   (1:58)
B2.  Bachelor Boy   (1:27)
B3.  The Young Ones   (1:36)
B4.  Congratulations   2:41
B5.  Rock 'N' Roll Meldey     5:44
        (a) The Girl Can't Help It
        (b) Great Balls Of Fire
        (c) Lucille
        (d) Jailhouse Rock
        (e) Good Old Rock 'N' Roll
        (f) Do You Want To Dance
B6.  Sing A Song Of Freedom   3:30

Backing Vocals – Olivia Newton-John, Pat Carol
Design [Sleeve] – David Wharin
Drums – Brian Bennett
Guitar – Hank Marvin, John Farrar
Liner Notes – Nigel Hunter
Photography By – Redferns
Piano – Alan Hawkshaw

Recorded Live In Japan, September 1972
Orignally released as a double album 'Cliff Goes East' (Outside U.K. only)
Release: 1972
Label: MFP Records
Catalog# MFP 50307

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