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Elvis Presley - Elvis Sings Hits From His Movies (1972)

“Elvis Sings Hits from His Movies, Volume 1” is a compilation album by Elvis Presley, featuring tracks from four of his movies plus two non-movie tracks.

Released in 1972, this is a budget collection of previously recorded songs from Elvis' movies.

It was a minor hit reaching number 87 on the Billboard album chart and was eventually certified PLATINUM by the RIAA.

It includes several songs that had made the singles chart in the US including: They Remind Me Too Much Of You (peaked at number 53 in 1963), Frankie And Johnny (number 25 in 1966), Guitar Man (43 in 1968), Long Legged Girl (63 in 1967), You Don't Know Me (44 in 1967), and Big Boss Man (38 in 1967).

When ELVIS SINGS HITS FROM HIS MOVIES VOLUME 1 first appeared as an LP in 1972, it at least served the purpose of giving his fans some fine songs like "Guitar Man" and "Big Boss Man" that had appeared as singles but were hard to get ahold of on LPs. And those 2 songs were not even from his movies at all!

 But now that there are much better compilations of Elvis's music available, there's just not much purpose in this album any more.

Side A
A1.  Down By The Riverside And When The Saints Go Marching In  
A2.  They Remind Me Too Much Of You  
A3.  Confidence
A4.  Frankie And Johnny
A5.  Guitar Man

Side B
B1.  Long Legged Girl (With The Short Dress On)
B2.  You Don't Know Me
B3.  How Would You Like To Be
B4.  Big Boss Man
B5.  Old MacDonald

Artist:  Elvis Presley
Title:  Elvis Sings Hits From His Movies
Release:  1972
Format:  LP
Label:  RCA Records
Catalog#  BCRS 5270

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