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Enoch Light & The Light Brigade - Film Fame (1966)

Enoch Henry Light (18 August 1905, in Canton, Ohio – 31 July 1978, in Redding, Connecticut) was a classical violinist, bandleader, and recording engineer.

He led a band who recorded as early as March 1927 through at least 1940. In 1928, he led a band in Paris. The remaining band records were recorded in New York. As A&R chief and vice-president of Grand Award Records, he founded Command Records in 1959. Light's name was prominent on many albums both as musician and producer. In the 1930s Light studied conducting with the French conductor Maurice Frigara in Paris.

He is credited with being one of the first musicians to go to extreme lengths to create high-quality recordings that took full advantage of the technical capabilities of home audio equipment of the late 1950s and early 1960s, particularly stereo effects that bounced the sounds between the right and left channels (often described as "Ping-pong recording").

Enoch Light released myriad albums in various genres of music under a variety of names during the late 1950s and early 1960s. Some were released under Grand Award Records, a subsidiary label he founded earlier. The music was intended for older audiences, as opposed to most popular music of the time, which was generally intended for teenagers and young adults.

During this time, he pioneered many recording techniques such as the use of 35 mm magnetic film instead of magnetic tape, thereby reducing the effects of "wow" and "flutter". The recordings were released under the "35MM" series, starting from "Stereo 35-MM" released by Command Records. Musicians who appeared on Light's albums include The Free Design, The Critters, Rain, Doc Severinsen, Tony Mottola, Dick Hyman, organist Virgil Fox (on the Wanamaker Organ), and arranger Lew Davies.

In 1965, Light sold the Command record label, which had released the Persuasive Percussion series, to ABC Records, which itself was subsequently sold to MCA Records. After the sale, the quality of those records plummeted dramatically.The signature gatefold format (along with Light's prose) was immediately discontinued, and the covers changed to budget labels pressed on recycled vinyl. In 1975 they were completely discontinued.

Light continued recording after the sale of Command with a new label called Project 3, but did not concentrate so heavily on stereo effects. Light recorded several successful big band albums with his earlier established band in the Command days Enoch Light And The Light Brigade

In 1966 he released the album !Film Fame”. "Here is movie music at an unmatched peak of perfection! Rarely in the entire history of motion pictures have as many brilliant, exciting songs come from films all at one time as there are in the movies that are being shown right now!"

Side A
A1.  If Ever I Would Leave You  (3:15)  
A2.  To Sir, With Love  (2:40)  
A3.  Tara Theme  (3:06)  
A4.  More Than A Miracle  (2:45)  
A5.  Theme From 'Valley Of The Dolls'  (3:27)  
A6.  Bonnie & Clyde  (2:03) 

Side B
B1.  For A Few Dollars More  (2:22)  
B2.  When The World Is Ready  (2:58)  
B3.  In The Heat Of The Night  (2:27)  
B4.  Wait Until Dark  (3:03)  
B5.  Live For Life  (2:19)  
B6.  Imagine  (2:49)

Artist:  Enoch Light & The Light Brigade
Title:  Film Fame
Release:  1966
Format:  LP
Label:  Project 3 Total Sound
Catalog#  33016

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