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Wall Street Crash - No Strings Attached (1988)

Wall Street Crash were an English 6-piece (originally 8-piece) vocal harmony group, formed in March 1980 by Keith Strachan.

They performed in three Royal Variety Shows, and appeared on many TV programmes in the 1980s including The Morecambe and Wise Show  and 3-2-1.

The idea of Wall Street Crash was formed when Keith Strachan the Musical Director and the founder members of the group were working on Jack Good's OH BOY Show in 1979 and 1980.
The original members of the group were Colin Copperfield, Mary Dunne, Paul Felber, James Graeme, Shaun Harris, Ricky Piper, Jean Rich and Sharron Skelton.
They rehearsed in early 1980 and had their premiere performance at the Country Cousin Club in May 1980.  They were helped at this stage by the producer Richard Leyland who organised rehearsal space and publicity for the launch. Also, a big thanks goes to the groups benefactor at this time.

Jean introduced the group to Melchior Baron Von Schlippenbach who donated enough money to buy costumes and pay the band etc. Schlippi, as he was known, continued to support the group during this embryonic stage and was rewarded by receiving a financial return for a number of years. Schlippi also held the distinction of having served as Rommel's batman during the North African desert conflict of World War II.

Simultaneously, Wall Street Crash were gaining popularity in Holland, and a series of concerts was arranged at the Stadtsschouwberg, a grand theatre in the centre of Amsterdam.  Much to the group’s amazement, the audience was familiar with much of the material from the first album which had been released in 1981. 

This was the start of the group’s love affair with The Netherlands, and also the group’s first concert – no support act and a two hour show.  Eventually, (1987 – 1992),Wall Street Crash would embark on regular concert tours of The Netherlands, and build a very large and loyal following there.

"No Strings Attached" was produced for the German market and released in 1988 on the Mercury label..

Side A
A1.  Too Shy  (5:11)
A2.  Call A Reporter  (3:55)
A3.  Hold On To Love  (4:38)
A4.  Catch Ya Later  (3:05)
A5 . Dancin´  (5:01)
A6 . So Good  (3:58)

Side B
B1.  Musicman  (3:52)
B2.  Latin Dancer  (3:54)
B3.  So Easy  (3:20)
B4.  The Bassman Song  (4:43)
B5.  Like Dreamers Do  (4:38)
B6.  S.A.S.  (4:47)
B7.  Cloud Number Nine  (2:35)

Producer – 'What's My Note' Marcel Schimscheimer, 'Mad' Ronald Sommer

Release: 1988
Genre:  Doo Wop, Jazz Pop
Label:  Mercury Records
Catalog#  836279-1
(P) 1988

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