augustus 22, 2016

Chickenshit Logjam - Chickenshit Logjam (1990) - Lp

This band Chickenshit Logjam, is a punk punk band that originated from Rapid City, SD. This is an interesting thrash punk rock release for such a local record. The drumming on this album is the most phenomenal performance on here.

The lyrics are quite impressive too and well written to rhyme along with the song.
The guitar work is decent, and most of the solos are the same, but in a different way if you know what I mean.
The bass work as well is good too.
The songlist on RYM is different than what my record says.

The best songs on here for me are "Fool (To Folly)" and "Jam For Jam's Sake".
The rest of the material is great in this genre. I only wished they had changed their style up a little bit in this album.

I'm not exactly sure what genre this fall under. It's punk rock for sure, but it's more of a thrashing/dark and at times hardcore punk. It's a good album though.

I bet these guys would be surprised that someone like me hasn't forgotten about these punks.

Recorded & Mixed at madison studios.

Side A
A1. Overpowered
A2. Separated
A3. Jam 
A4. Fool

Side B
B1. Lil´ Ditti
B2. Media Rage
B3. Everybody
B4. Spiritual Journey

*  Paul Dickinson  (bass) 
*  Mike Weimer  (vocals) 
*  Dave Nesheim  (drums) 
*  John Liebentritt  (guitar) 
*  Matt Thrash  (vocals) 
*  Mike Crabtree  (vocals) 

Release: 1990
Genre: Hardcore Punk, Punk Rock 
Label: Ironclad Records
Catalog# SD 57709
Price: € 10,00

Album:  Goed
Cover:  Goed