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The Byrds - History Of The Byrds (1973) - 2LP

The Byrds  were an American rock band, formed in Los Angeles, California in 1964.
The band underwent multiple line-up changes throughout its existence, with frontman Roger McGuinn (known as Jim McGuinn until mid-1967) remaining the sole consistent member, until the group disbanded in 1973.
Although they only managed to attain the huge commercial success of contemporaries like the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and the Rolling Stones for a short period (1965–66), the Byrds are today considered by critics to be one of the most influential bands of the 1960s.
Initially, they pioneered the musical genre of folk rock, melding the influence of the Beatles and other British Invasion bands with contemporary and traditional folk music.
As the 1960s progressed, the band was also influential in originating psychedelic rock, raga rock, and country rock.

The band's signature blend of clear harmony singing and McGuinn's jangly twelve-string Rickenbacker guitar has continued to be influential on popular music up to the present day.
Among the band's most enduring songs are their cover versions of Bob Dylan's "Mr. Tambourine Man" and Pete Seeger's "Turn! Turn! Turn! (to Everything There Is a Season)", along with the self-penned originals, "Eight Miles High", "So You Want to Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star", "Ballad of Easy Rider" and "Chestnut Mare".

The original five-piece line-up of the Byrds consisted of Jim McGuinn (lead guitar, vocals), Gene Clark (tambourine, vocals), David Crosby (rhythm guitar, vocals), Chris Hillman (bass guitar, vocals), and Michael Clarke (drums). However, this version of the band was relatively short-lived and by early 1966, Clark had left due to problems associated with anxiety and his increasing isolation within the group.

The Byrds continued as a quartet until late 1967, when Crosby and Clarke also departed the band. McGuinn and Hillman decided to recruit new members, including country rock pioneer Gram Parsons, but by late 1968, Hillman and Parsons had also exited the band.
McGuinn, who by this time had changed his name to Roger after a flirtation with the Subud religion, elected to rebuild the band's membership and between 1968 and 1973, he helmed a new incarnation of the Byrds, featuring guitarist Clarence White among others.
McGuinn disbanded the then current line-up in early 1973, to make way for a reunion of the original quintet.The Byrds' final album was released in March 1973, with the reunited group disbanding soon afterwards.

Several former members of the band went on to successful careers of their own, either as solo artists or as members of such groups as Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, the Flying Burrito Brothers and the Desert Rose Band.

History of The Byrds is a budget priced, double album compilation by the American rock band The Byrds and was released on May 18, 1973 by CBS Records (see 1973 in music). The compilation was released exclusively in Europe and the UK, peaking at #47 on the UK Albums Chart, but it was also available in the United States as an import. The album provides a chronological survey of the band's career from 1965 to 1971, a period when they were signed to Columbia Records. It begins with The Byrds' debut single on Columbia, "Mr. Tambourine Man", and culminates with their final single release for the label, "America's Great National Pastime". History of The Byrds features the first appearance on an LP of the non-album single "Lady Friend" and the 1965 B-side, "She Don't Care About Time".

The album was issued to coincide with the reunion of the original members of The Byrds and the release of a reunion album, titled Byrds, in March 1973. However, none of the tracks from the 1973 reunion album were included on History of The Byrds, due to that album having appeared on Asylum Records rather than on Columbia. At the time of its release, History of The Byrds was the most comprehensive overview of the band's recorded output available. Every variation of The Byrds' ever changing line-up is represented within the album's song selection and as such, it provides a survey of the band's musical journey from their days as folk rock and psychedelic rock pioneers through to their later exploration of country rock. Many of the band's biggest selling singles are included, along with a number of their best known album tracks. Consequently, the album includes musical contributions from all of the key players in The Byrds' convoluted history, including Gene Clark, David Crosby, Chris Hillman, Gram Parsons, Clarence White, and the group's only consistent member, Roger McGuinn.
The album's front cover made use of a David Gahr photograph featuring the last line-up of The Byrds to be represented on the album: Roger McGuinn, Skip Battin, Gene Parsons, and Clarence White. The same photograph had already been used for the cover of the U.S. compilation album The Best of The Byrds: Greatest Hits, Volume II just six months earlier. The back cover included liner notes by Kim Fowley and the inside gatefold sleeve of the double vinyl LP featured Pete Frame's "Byrds Family Tree". This intricately detailed flowchart traced the group's roots and complicated membership history over the years.

Side A
A1.  Mr. Tambourine Man  (2:20)
A2. Turn! Turn! Turn!  (3:49)
A3.  She Don’t Care About Time  (2:28)
A4.  Wild Mountain Thyme  (2:29)
A5.  Eight Miles High  (3:35)
A6.  Mr. Spaceman  (2:08)
A7.  5D (Fifth Dimension)  (2:32)

Side B
B1.  So You Want to Be a Rock ‘n’ Roll Star  (2:03)
B2.  Time Between  (1:56)
B3.  My Back Pages  (3:05)
B4.  Lady Friend  (2:30)
B5.  Goin’ Back  (3:26)
B6.  Old John Robertson  (1:51)
B7.  Wasn’t Born to Follow  (2:02)

Side C
C1.  You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere  (2:33)
C2.  Hickory Wind  (3:30)
C3.  Nashville West  (2:30)
C4.  Drug Store Truck Drivin’ Man  (3:52)
C5.  Gunga Din  (3:01)
C6.  Jesus Is Just Alright  (2:09)
C7.  Ballad of Easy Rider  (2:01)

Side D
D1.  Chestnut Mare  (5:10)
D2.  Yesterday’s Train  (3:32)
D3.  Just a Season  (3:52)
D4.  Citizen Kane  (2:35)
D5.  Jamaica (Say You Will) (3:25)
D6.  Tiffany Queen  (2:40)
D7.  America’s Great National Pastime  (2:56)

Release: 1973
Genre:  Folk Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Country Rock
Label:  CBS Records
Catalog#  S 682242
Price:  € 15,00

Album:  Goed
Cover:  Goed