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Aerosmith - Done With Mirrors (1985) - Lp

Aerosmith is an American rock band, sometimes referred to as "the Bad Boys from Boston" and "America's Greatest Rock and Roll Band".
Their style, which is rooted in blues-based hard rock, has come to also incorporate elements of popheavy metal, and rhythm and blues, and has inspired many subsequent rock artists.
They were formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1970.

Guitarist Joe Perry and bassist Tom Hamilton, originally in a band together called the Jam Band, met up with vocalist/pianist/harmonicist Steven Tyler, drummer Joey Kramer, and guitarist Ray Tabano, and formed Aerosmith. In 1971, Tabano was replaced by Brad Whitford, and the band began developing a following in Boston.

Their first five albums have since attained multi-platinum status. Throughout the 1970s, the band toured extensively and charted a dozen Hot 100 singles.

By the end of the decade, they were among the most popular hard rock bands in the world and developed a loyal following of fans, often referred to as the "Blue Army".
However, drug addiction and internal conflict took their toll on the band, which led to the departures of Perry and Whitford in 1979 and 1981, respectively; they were replaced by Jimmy Crespo and Rick Dufay.
The band did not fare well between 1980 and 1984,

 After a comeback tour, the band recorded Done with Mirrors (1985), which won some critical praise but failed to come close to commercial expectations.

Done with Mirrors is the eighth studio album, released November 9, 1985. The release marked the return to the band of guitarists Joe Perry, who had left the group in 1979, and Brad Whitford, who had left the band in 1981. It was also the band's first album released by Geffen Records. It was intended as their "comeback" album, and while it got good reviews during its release, it did not live up to commercial expectations.

"Let the Music Do the Talking" was a new recording of the title track of the first album by The Joe Perry Project, with altered lyrics and melody.

In an interview, Brad Whitford revealed that producer Ted Templeman wanted to capture the band's aggressive "out of control freight train" sound by removing the red light that indicated that the band was recording (a technique he used to capture Van Halen's sound).
He informed the band to run through the songs in the studio and recorded them without the band's knowledge.
Whitford referred to the nerves generated when knowingly recording songs as "the red light blues".
Templeton later explained having to record the album in an unfamiliar studio negatively affected the final product.
"I had a great time making that record, and Steven was one of the most amazing guys. But we had to do that record in Berkeley because they didn’t want those guys to score (drugs). They didn’t want them to be in L.A. or San Francisco. I wasn’t familiar with the board. As a producer, if you know your room and the mic preamps, you know how things are going to sound. I don’t think I made Joey’s drums sound as good as they could have, or Joe’s guitar."
— Geoff Edgers, Washington Post
Joey Kramer, who was a guest on VH1 Classic's That Metal Show, expressed his dislike of Done with Mirrors, claiming that the band "never really finished it".
Joe Perry was similarly dismissive of Done with Mirrors in an interview with Noisecreep, stating that he "really didn't like [the album]."
Viacom (MTV & VH1) executive Doug Herzog recalled that after this album, "Aerosmith was done at that point. … They were a little bit of a joke."
The band would soon revive their career in 1986 with the landmark remake of their 1975 song "Walk This Way" with hip-hop group Run DMC.

The title is a double entendre, referring both to illusions that are "done with mirrors", as well as how the drugs are often laid out before consuming (such as cocaine, which is traditionally snorted off a mirror).

Side A
A1.  Let the Music Do the Talking  (3:48)
A2.  My Fist Your Face  (4:23)
A3.  Shame on You  (3:22)
A4.  The Reason a Dog  (4:13)

Side B
B1.  Shela (4:25)
B2.  Gypsy Boots (4:16)
B3.  She’s on Fire (3:47)
B4.  The Hop (3:45)

  • Producer: Ted Templeman
  • Engineer: Jeff Hendrickson
  • 1st Assistant Engineer: Tom Size
  • 2nd Assistant Engineer: Gary Rindfuss
  • 3rd Assistant Engineer: Stan Katayama
  • Analog Mastering Engineer: Howie Weinberg
  • Digital Mastering Engineer: Ken Caillat
  • Production Coordinator: Joan Parker
  • Band Equipment installation assembler #1: Jay Fortune
  • Band Equipment installation assembler #2: Toby Francis
  • Band Equipment installation assembler #3: Patrick O'Neil
  • Album Cover Concept: Jeffrey Kent Ayeroff
  • Art Direction and Design: Norman Moore
  • Photography: Jim Shea

Release: 1985
Recorded 1984 at The Power Station and Fantasy Studios
Genre: Hard rock, Blues rock
Label: Geffen Records
Catalog# GHS 24091
Price: € 10,00

Vinyl: Good
Cover: Good


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