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Cory Daye - Cory And Me (1979)

As an original member of Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band, vocalist Cory Daye became one of the most distinctive voices of the disco era. Fronting classics like "Cherchez La Femme" and "I'll Play the Fool," she helped earn the band a Grammy nomination for "Best New Artist" in 1976. Three years later, she released her first solo album, “Cory And Me”, on New York International Records.

A non-stop party and a fabulous disco album, with some swing, calypso, and pop thrown in.
The 2 big hits in the clubs were "Green Light" and "Pow Wow". Other highlights include
"Wiggle & A Giggle All Night", and "Rainy Day Boy".

After three albums with Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band, Cory Daye enlisted the songwriting and production of Sandy Linzer to replicate her former band's sound on her solo debut, “Cory and Me”. Linzer was a particularly appropriate match for Daye, since he had already worked with Odyssey on their Dr. Buzzard-inspired disco classic "Native New Yorker." Perhaps hoping for similar Top 40 success, Daye seems more commercially motivated on Cory and Me, but that accessibility works wonders on the two opening cuts, "Green Light" and "Pow Wow." On both songs, Daye uses her playfully expressive voice to transform the potentially hokey lyrics into irresistible verses. Linzer combines propulsive beats with climactic orchestration and uses musical shifts and timely special effects to build momentum during extended instrumental breaks. Daye's charm and enthusiasm are contagious throughout, but the rest of the songs fail to match her energy level, and the scattered Dr. Buzzard touches often seem diluted by the album's mainstream ambitions. Nevertheless, most Dr. Buzzard followers will probably enjoy the familiarity of “Cory and Me”, and the album may also appeal to fans of late-'70s disco divas who are unfamiliar with Daye's considerable talents.

Side one
1. Green Light  (6:10)  
2. Pow Wow  (7:14)  
3. Wiggle & A Giggle All Night  (3:08)  
4. Rhythm Death  (1:20) 

Side two
1. Single Again/ What Time Does The Ballon Go Up  (5:39)  
2. Be Bop Betty A/K/A/Co Co Ree  (3:32)  
3. Rainy Day Boy  (4:06)  
4. Keep The Ball Rollin'  (5:20)

Vocals – Cory Daye
Keyboards – Joe Delia
Backing Vocals – The Morningside Kids
Bass – Alex Blake, Neil Jason
Drums – Abe Speller
Guitar – Binky Brice, Caleb Martin, Dave Snider, David Spinozza, Lance Quinn
Management [And Direction] – Tommy Mottola
Percussion – 'Crusher' Bennett
Saxophone – George Young 
Saxophone, Lyricon – Charles DeChant
Synthesizer – Ed Walsh
Producer – Sandy Linzer
Art Direction – Acy Lehman, Dick Smith
Concertmaster – Gene Orloff, Harry Lookofsky
Engineer – Bob Clearmountain, Ed Evans, Neil Dorfsman
Engineer [Additional] – Ed Sprigg, Lee Ann Unger, Michael Getlin
Engineer [Assistant] – Bob James, Bruce Buchalter, Raymond Willard
Engineer [Mix] – Joe Barbaria, Larry Alexander, Neil Dorfsman
Engineer [Remix] – Frankie D'Augusta
Mastered At – Masterdisk

Recorded at Power Station Studios, N.Y.
Additional recording at A&R Studios and The Hit Factory, N.Y.
Manufactured By – RCA Records
Distributed By – RCA Records
© 1979 New York International Records

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