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Kamahl - The Elephant Song (1975) - Lp

Kamahl is the stage name of Kandiah Kamalesvaran; born 13 November 1934, in Kuala Lumpur to Tamil Hindu parents. He grew up in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, and studied at the Victoria Institution.
He arrived in Adelaide, South Australia in 1953 to receive a higher education at King's College (now Pembroke School).
Kamahl is a singer and recording artist active in Australia, perhaps best known for "The Elephant Song", and his repertoire of popular music.
At his first public performance in 1958 he shortened his name to Kamal, but the Master of Ceremonies announced him as "Camel". After that he changed the spelling to Kamahl.
As he made his way into the Australian music industry, Rupert Murdoch was an early important mentor. Murdoch tipped Kamahl £10 at a concert in December 1958 and encouraged him to move to Sydney. Without asking, Murdoch arranged for Kamahl to perform a six-week season at the Hotel Australia in Sydney. After that season, he boarded with the Murdochs for two years. Kamahl was a finalist in the Sydney Eisteddfod Sun Aria in 1966 singing Verdi's Ella giammai m'amò and Mussorgsky's Farewell and death of Boris.

His first album was A Voice to Remember, which was released in Australia in October 1967. He has released singles and albums in the United States, Canada, Britain, New Zealand, South America, India, Singapore, Malaysia and Germany (the last in German, as well as in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Scandinavia. From 1967 onwards in Australia his records, tapes and CDs were primarily on the Philips label, but he also recorded on EMI, Mercury, Festival, Dino and Reader's Digest.
In 1975, his single, "The Elephant Song" (composed and produced by Hans van Hemert) hit the number one spot on the Dutch Top 40. This song was part of the soundtrack of a World Wildlife Fund TV documentary.
On his 1975 album "The Elephant Songs" are some fine covers of songs such as, "If", "Annie´s Song", "You’ve Got A Friend" and "Leaving On A Jetplane".

Side A
A1. The Elephant Song  (3:25)
A2. There I’ve Said It Again  (2:57)
A3. I Won’t Last A Day Without You  (4:20)
A4. If  (3:12)
A5. You’ve Got A Friend  (4:21)
A6. Annie’s Song  (3:21)

Side B
B1. Make The World Go Away  (2:34)
B2. A Daisy A Day  (3:03)
B3. It’s All In The Game  (2:56)
B4. Let It Be Me  (3:02)
B5. Night And Day  (3:49)
B6. Leaving On A Jetplane  (4:17)

Release: 1975
Genre: Easy Listening
Format: LP
Label: Philips Records
Catalog# 6357029
Prijs: € 6,99

Vinyl: Goed
Cover: Goed


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