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Solution - Fully Interlocking (1977) - Lp

Solution were a Dutch progressive rock band that existed from 1970 to 1983, during which time they released six studio albums and one live album. They incorporated jazz, rock, pop and soul influences, becoming more commercial on their fifth and sixth albums.
Fully Interlocking is the fourth album by the Dutch symphonic rock group Solution. It was released in 1977 by The Rocket Record Company. The line "Fully interlocking" appears on jigsaw puzzle boxes, as referenced on the album cover.
Like the preceding album Cordon Bleu, Fully Interlocking was produced by Gus Dudgeon and released on the label he set up with Elton John. Another name reappearing from Cordon Bleu was engineer Phil Dunne, while Hipgnosis again did the artwork. This time the recording location was switched from Wales to The Sol in Cookham, England.

Fully Interlocking comprised four jazzy instrumental pieces sandwiched by two vocal songs, the lyrics of which were written by singer Guus Willemse.
This album shares the highest quantity of instrumental tracks with their first album Solution (1971); the other four albums they released included more songs with lyrics. "Give Some More" was released as a single in Europe, backed by an edit of "Chappaqua" from Cordon Bleu. "Empty Faces" was also a 45, with "French Melodie" as the B-side.
Fully Interlocking charted in the Netherlands on 5 November 1977, reaching #30 and spending 7 weeks on the chart.

Side A
A1. Give Some More  (5:21)
A2. Carousel  (7:16)
A3. Sonic Sea  (7:17)

Side B
B1. Free Inside  (6:17)
B2. French Melodie  (4:34)
B3. Empty Faces  (6:32)


Tom Barlage: alto sax, soprano sax, flutes, string-ensemble, organ, percussion, electric piano
Willem Ennes: electric piano, acoustic piano, organ, synthesizer, string-ensemble
Guus Willemse: bass guitar, lead vocals
Hans Waterman: drums
  • All backing vocals by Tom, Willem and Guus.
  • Ray Cooper - congas and percussion on "Give Some More" and "Free Inside"
  • Stuart Epps - additional backing vocal on "Empty Faces"
Producer: Gus Dudgeon.
Engineer: Phil Dunne.
Assistant engineer: Stuart Epps.
Mastering: Ian Cooper at Utopia Recording Studios.
Recorded by Moonlight.

Release: 1977
Genre: Symphonic rock
Length: 37:37
Format: LP
Label: EMI-Bovema Records
Catalog# 5C 062-99506
Prijs: €10,00

Vinyl: Goed
Hoes: Goed

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