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Danny Davis & The Nashville Brass - Supersongs (1976)

Danny Davis (May 29, 1925 – June 12, 2008) was a country music band leader, trumpet player, vocalist and producer, best known as the founder and leader of the Nashville Brass.

During the remainder of the 1940s and into the 1950s Davis continued working as a trumpeter/vocalist in several big bands including the band's of Bobby Byrne, Sammy Kaye, Art Mooney (he played First Trumpet on Mooney's huge seller "I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover"), Vincent Lopez and Freddy Martin. In Martin's band, in addition to his duties on trumpet, Davis sang as one of the "Martin Men" and roomed on the road with the band's male vocalist, Merv Griffin.

In the mid-sixties Davis moved to the RCA label. While still in New York he pitched his idea of recording country songs with a brass ensemble. To say the least, the idea was not well received. Not long after he joined RCA Davis was approved for transfer to the Nashville office by Chet Atkins.

One evening Davis was in the office of his boss, Chet Atkins. He decided to pitch Chet his idea of recording country songs with brass instruments. Davis was surprised when Atkins told him he thought it was a good idea. In fact, Davis told Atkins that the RCA label executives in New York had thought it was a "terrible idea." Atkins told Davis, "young fella, I run Nashville, go do it." The only suggestion Atkins made was instead of calling the group "Country Brass" he thought Davis should call it "Nashville Brass."
Davis immediately went to work on a demo. He chose Nashville arranger and fellow trumpeter, Bill McElhiney, to help create the sound of the Nashville Brass.

The basic idea was to replace the vocalist with a brass ensemble (two to three trumpets, two trombones) playing over a standard country rhythm section (guitar, bass, drums, banjo).

Danny Davis and the Nashville Brass literally took Country Music around the world, being one of the first acts in the genre to have their own airplane (originally a DC-3 later a Martin 404, named "Lady Barbara" for Davis' wife). They were also one of the first Country acts to take the music to the Vegas strip working first as an opening act for Connie Francis and later Kay Starr, they soon returned to headline.

The group also guest starred on many of the biggest television shows of the day including Red Skelton, Ed Sullivan and the show of his old friend, Merv Griffin.

Side A
A1.  King of the road  (2:06)
A2.  Make the world go away  (2:15)
A3.  Don't let the stars get in your eyes  (2:09)
A4.  (I'd be) a legend in my time  (2:33)
A5.  Cold, cold heart  (2:52)

Side B
B1.  Cattle call  (2:30)
B2.  He'll have to go  (2:39)
B3.  Why don't you love me  (2:19)
B4.  I don't hurt anymore  (2:38)
B5.  She still thinks I still care  (2:57)

Recorded in RCA´s "Nashville Sound" Studios, Nashville Tennessee
Recording Engineer - Tom Pick
Recording Technician - Roy Shockley
Arranged and Conducted by - Bill McElhiney
Arranged by - Terry Waddell
Produced by - Bob Ferguson

Release: 1976
Genre:  Country, Big Band
Format:  LP
Label:  RCA Records
Catalog#  APL1-1986

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