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The Three Degrees - With Love (1975) - Lp

The Three Degrees are an American female vocal group, who were originally formed in 1963 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Although a total of 15 women have been a member over the years, the group has always been a trio.

The current line-up consists of Valerie Holiday, Helen Scott and Freddie Pool. Holiday has been a member since she first joined in 1967, while Scott has been a permanent member since 1976, having previously been in the group from 1963 to 1966.
The group were particularly successful in the UK, achieving 13 Top 50 hit singles between 1974 and 1985.

The original members were Fayette Pinkney, Shirley Porter and Linda Turner. Porter and Turner were soon replaced by Janet Harmon and Helen Scott.
The line-up from 1967 to 1976 was Pinkney, Valerie Holiday and Sheila Ferguson, who would go on to sing lead on most of the group's biggest hits.

International is a 1975 studio album released by the female girl group The Three Degrees.

The album includes the 1974 hit single, "TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia)". In the United Kingdom, the album was released under the title Take Good Care of Yourself, in Europe the album was issued with the alternative title of With Love.

Now past their "TSOP" apogee and working well with producers Gamble & Huff, the Three Degrees bounded back into the Top 40 with 1975's "With Love".

Working across a slick set dominated by Gamble & Huff-penned songs that provided a smooth vehicle for the trio's powerhouse vocals, the Three Degrees took the pleasing "Take Good Care of Yourself" into the charts. But despite the evidence of a fine performance, it never really feels like the band really hit its stride. Both "Long Lost Lover" and the very Motown-ish "Loving Cup" are pleasant efforts but, as the songs unfold, the band seems to stagnate across an apparently endless supply of ballads.

Even a reprisal of "TSOP" and a cover of Marvin Gaye's 1973 classic "Distant Lover" don't manage to stir the old heartstrings. Although they'd revamp and revive across later efforts for Ariola, the bandmembers were running out of steam in the confines of the Philadelphia International format. Stripped of their earlier fire and spark, it's obvious the Three Degrees really didn't have anything fresh to offer.

However, that's not to say that this album isn't without merit -- after all, it did carve a respectful niche for itself. In another time and place, "With Love" would probably crackle with effervescence but, in retrospect, there are far better ways to sample this wonderful trio.

Side A
A1. Another Heartache  (4:21)
A2. Take Good Care Of Yourself  (3:26)
A3. Get Your Love Back  (3:25)
A4. Lonelier Are Fools  (4:05)
A5. Distant Lover  (4:04)

Side B
B1. Together  (4:35)
B2. Long Lost Lover  (2:58)
B3. Here I Am  (3:58)
B4. T.S.O.P (The Sound Of Philadelphia)  (3:45)
B5. Loving Cup  (3:04)

Release:  1975
Genre:  Soul
Format:  LP
Label:  PIR Records
Catalog#  PIR 80407

Vinyl:  Good
Cover:  Good

€ 10,00

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